Pros And Cons Of Using VPN When Gambling

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The rise in internet usage comes with the increased threat from hackers. That being said, you cannot survive today’s world without the benefits of the internet. This is how VPN, or the virtual private network came to be. 

VPN is the network that accesses the internet instead of the actual user. It also imitates the IP addresses of computers, so it is easier to fool the hackers.

Since the online casino world is associated with sensitive data, hackers would want to take advantage of it. This is why it’s better to use a VPN while gambling. 

What Are the Benefits of Using VPN?

There are online casinos that prevents outsiders to access it. If you want to access the site and fool the server, you can a VPN. This is just one of the benefits, we’re going to list down some major ones in this article.

Enjoy Top Tier Casinos

As previously mentioned, there are countries that block players who are from different countries. Sad to say, most of these casinos are classified as top-tier ones and offers amazing benefits. This is where VPN comes in. You can easily mask your location and access these sites. It’s also the reason why VPN has increased in popularity as well. 

More Bonuses and Restriction-Free Browsing

There are casinos that offer more profitable bonuses than the ones you can get locally. With VPNs, you have the chance to enjoy these bonuses.

There are also places where residents are not allowed to engage in gambling activities. If you’re using VPN, you can access gambling sites and pursue some real money entertainment, all at the comforts of your own home.


Because VPNs mask the player’s IP address, it can allow them total anonymity. Gambling is still frowned upon by many, and it’s only natural to see a lot of players who do not want to disclose their identities when gambling. With the use of VPN, you can have the best of both worlds at once.

The Downside of VPN

VPNs also come with loopholes. Here we have listed some problems with VPNs if you’re not careful.

It Can Be Expensive

VPNs can be a little expensive. The usual VPNs start for about $2 but the better ones will cost you more. This is expected since imitating servers from different regions can be costly. The payment method for VPNs can be bi-annual, monthly, or yearly, depending on the website.

You Can Get Ban If Caught

Even with a VPN, you still might get caught. Especially if you’re opting for the cheaper options. You don’t have to worry about getting arrested for gambling illegally with VPNs, but you can get ban from future gambling activities.

Your Bankroll Might Get Confiscated

If you win a jackpot, there are chances that a website will investigate your account and should they find out that you’re using a VPN, they can confiscate your bankroll. This is usually stated in their terms and conditions that they may confiscate your winnings if they were to catch you gambling illegally with a VPN.

Final Thoughts

There are benefits and downsides of VPNs as with everything else. It just depends on how you are going to utilize this technology. Always play smart and enjoy your time at the casino.

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