How Does Live Casino Work?

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Introduction to Live Casino

A live casino is a form of gambling that is similar to land-based casinos in almost all aspects, except that it runs on technology. Players can still have the full gaming experience that a land-based casino will allow but they can access this through computers or other mobile devices while still interacting with live casino dealers.

The games all run in real-time with a human dealer available. In any case, where players may need assistance or have further inquiries, they can always access the live chat function.

The maintenance of a live casino can be costly as it requires considerable investment in technology and staff. An average live casino would need to employ a pit boss, information technology manager, croupiers, casino studio, and a cameraman. Because of the high cost involved in the setup and maintenance of a live casino, only a small number of games are being offered. 

Key Equipment of a Live Casino


Cameras are essential in a live casino. Without it, a casino cannot be live as it depends wholly on the camera to make live streaming possible. A camera is necessary for a player and dealer to interact via live chat.

Optical Camera Recognition (OCR) is being used in the live casino industry to capture every small detail happening inside the gaming room. The OCR captures all the action and is broadcasted back to the player through a video link.


To get the sharpest and best images from the cameras deployed, good lighting must be present. Without correct lighting, the Optical Camera Recognition Software will not work as effectively and will not be able to accurately identify what is happening. This might affect what is being relayed to the player.

Game Control Unit (GCU)

The most important component of a live casino. Each table has a GCU attached which is almost the size of a shoebox and is mainly responsible for encoding video broadcasts. Without a GCU, a live dealer will not be able to run a game. Simply put, a live game can only exist with a GCU.

Live dealer

The dealer is the one responsible for handling the game. The presence of a live dealer, who is also dressed as if in an actual casino, makes it possible for players to not feel the slightest difference between an online casino and a brick-and-mortar casino. The human dealer acts as the standard dealer in the game and underwent proper training to make sure that he/she is capable of facilitating a game and providing players with the best possible experience. This dealer will be the one to determine the result and not a programmed computer. This allows players to experience a casino game and all the action accompanying it without noticing the difference from a land-based casino.

In Conclusion

Live casinos are the product of continuous innovation and technology and allow players to enjoy their favorite table games without leaving the comforts of their homes. Individuals can witness the whole gaming process without exhausting themselves by traveling to a land-based casino only to find that no tables are available for them. 

With online casinos, players can experience quality gaming experience and excitement whenever and wherever they want. There will be no need to spend money on travel, food, or attire just to enjoy your favorite casino games.

Live casino games are preferred by many because despite it being online, it does not lack a human touch. It is always more fun to play games while interacting with real people. If you haven’t tried an online casino yet, now is the time to do so.

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