Guide to Social Gambling

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Humans are social animals. Even with the rise of online casinos, people still look forward to socializing with other players. The rapid digitalization of everything around us has made it possible to combine both online casinos and social media. Since most people who play online casinos would also have a social media account, when you combine those two together, you get social gambling!

In a world where technology is one of the most dominating factors, the marriage of technology and social media is just inevitable. But are social casinos really worth the hype?

If you find yourself curious about social gambling, then you’ve come to the right page. Check out our guide on how social gambling works.

What is Social Gambling?

Social gambling is basically just playing casino games on social media or other social casino apps where you get the added feature of socializing with other players. It includes playing with virtual currency, eliminating the need to deposit any real money. 

What sets social casinos apart from traditional casino games is that you don’t need real money to gamble therefore you also don’t win any money. The main purpose of social gambling is to provide entertainment.

What is Social Casino?

Social casino can be a website or an app where you can play various casino games such as roulette or social slots with people online. Its most prominent aspect is it is meant to involve games that require some sort of interaction between people.

Features of Social Casinos

Social casino games are free-to-play games you can find on social media, which gives them a huge potential to become popular.

But what makes social gambling different with traditional online casinos? Read on to find out.

  1. Chat window

This is a standard chat window for users to communicate with each other. This is a great way to find people who share your mutual interests and explore different games with other players.

  1. Avatars 

Players can customize the online version of themselves, making the gameplay more enticing and personalized.

  1. Unlocking rewards

Standard online casino games are basically about winning and losing. With social gambling, you get different accomplishments and storylines as the game progresses, this can boost your motivation to continue playing. 

  1. Share results in social media

Some people who gamble tend to keep their habit a secret due to the stigma about traditional gambling in general. With social casinos, it encourages you to share your achievements with other players and compare results.

  1. Gaming capital

Gaming capital can come in the form of trophies or badges which indicate the achievements earned by players. You can also be awarded a badge when you share accomplishments with your friends, which can also boost your game’s social character.

Benefits of Social Gambling

  1. No risks involved

Because there is no money involved, you can have good fun without worrying about any risks.

  1. Helps you practice

Without worrying about the money, you can better focus your energy on the rules, how things work and how to become better at playing. Social casinos are a good way to improve your gambling abilities.

  1. Sharing the fun

This is perhaps the most crucial benefit of social gambling. You can invite friends, create a group and work towards a common goal, for example, hitting a massive jackpot together. The best feeling with playing is knowing you have someone to share the fun with. No single-player game can give you this satisfaction.

Social gambling is not gambling per se; however, it can still trigger gambling addiction. While social casino apps are free to download, some people go beyond the free download. There are those who spend real money to buy coins, lives or give gifts to friends.

Research shows that social casino can serve as a gateway to gambling and increases betting frequency among gamblers.

People have different reasons why they choose to play in social casinos. Some may do it for the fun, while others just want to compete with friends and brag about their results online. Whatever your reason, always spend your time and money at social casinos wisely!

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